Saturday, November 12, 2011

When do we learn work ethic?

There are several things we want our girls to learn before we send them into the world.  On the top of this list is teaching them how to work hard.  We want them to be able to put in a good ten hour day at least six days a week and a five hour day on the seventh.  I don't believe most successful Americans are working an eight hour day and only working those five days a week.  Why do we make our children think that anyone is working eight hour days?  Our girls are darling angels most of the time for the amount of "things" we put them through.  
Literally Angels

Our girls have been drug around the country.  We've been to bull sales and they don't sit the whole time looking at sale catalogs.  But this picture sure does portray that.  But at four and six years old to walk through pens of bulls, one after another does become monotonous.  Which I am sure they believe these bulls mostly look the same. I am glad Jaelin would sit and turn the pages of a sale catalog, listening to the chattel of the auctioneer, even for a little while.  I watch her and wonder if she will have the desire to design a sale catalog.  I wonder if a walk through a pen of cattle with their dad will lead to a passion for the beef market.  Mostly I hope they have a skill set they can use to work fifty five hour work weeks and climb to the top of whatever profession they choose.  I do secretly dream of it being with cattle.  
Jaelin at 3 looking through Leachman's Sale Catalog in Denver Colorado last Spring.   
Jake and Jacie looking through probably the 30th pen of bulls.  I could watch this scene all day long.
The girls
Jaelin sweeping

We work a lot of hours and I am not sure Jake and I have done a good enough job getting the girls in extracurricular activities.  Everybody I know with kids their age are in dance, soccer, scouts or something.  We have not done any of that.  I feel bad about that.  

This summer Jake and I were receiving cattle at the feedlot and the days were reaching 100 degrees.  Jake started feeding at 4AM, so the cattle would come to the bunk before it got too hot.  We would feed the girls dinner and give them baths and put them in the Honda Pilot for movies.  We pulled the Honda next to the vet shack and we would work cattle starting at eight or nine o'clock.  At least it was only eighty by then, and not even a hint of that Nebraska breeze I had become use to.  The girls thought it was great.  However, when you hear what other families do in the evenings for family time, it really doesn't compare.  I pray our plan for growing children with a good work ethic turns out.    


  1. Who is to say that soccer and ballet are the "right" activities to fill your evenings. I think the most important part of being a family and instilling values is "being a family". Spending time together is never something to feel bad about my friend. Work ethic will come from good teachings of the parents. "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

  2. Almost every child has the oppurtunity to do those activities growing up but the life you are showing them is an amazing one that very few get to experience. The other activities do teach amazing thing team work sportsmanship among many others but what children get to grow up knowing that they are making an impact on peoples lives everywhere. When I taught 3rd graders I taught them using the main idea of Agriculture is in our everyday lives. Your girls get to stand behind enemy lines in the feed lot producing food and other goods for so many. And the best paert is you teach them the how's why's and who's of the industrys. Mrs wolfinger I would have loved to grow up with the resources you and jake provide. Sports and other activities are great but I know you two can provide and amazing life for your girls

  3. Kayla, thanks for your kind words. How is Illinois and when will you be finished with your degree to help with the war on ignorance and stupidity.