Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Productive Day

The duplicated fun!
Three more loads of calves left this morning.  Jaelin and I took Jacie to school, and then Kyla came over to play with Jaelin.  This left me time to set my sewing machine up to applique some beef cattle on a new quilt Jake insisted was finished for our trip to Nebraska.  There is a wonderful group of cattle feeders that took a chance on our feedlot and sent cattle to us.  Did I mention they are some of the most honorable, respected beef producers in the country?  Jake requested I duplicate a quilt made with a block that has an appliqued steer and a nine patch.  I used a John Deere material that I ordered online, that happened to have a nine patch print.  I was able to finish it this evening after supper.  I feel like I kind of cheated since I had made the pattern before.  Last time was more fun, because I made it with my best quilting buddy Jennifer (she taught me to make quilts).  She, her husband, and twins came to Nebraska to our feedlot to visit us.  We went to 7 quilt shops and made 4 quilt tops in I believe 5 days.  It was an awesome learning experience, and a special girl bonding time.  We are meeting for brunch in the morning.
Braeleigh, Jacie, Jaelin and Brandt
This picture was taken next to our 2011 corn crop in Nebraska (that's why you see irrigation pipe).