Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My First Blog

The day started about the same time as most days 6AM.  However the days this week have more morning urgency and excitement than most. Starting yesterday until Thursday Jake and the guys are loading out three trucks every morning.  But by Friday morning this place will be nearly calf free. Excluding some late born calves and the calves that hid in the brush until the last semi trucks pulled away.  With Jake busy with the load out of this years calf crop, that leaves me "single momming" it.  The morning routine with the girls on a school day can go really smoothly, but it can go really bad also.  I started car pooling with a "neighbor" and today was my first day to drive.  By the time I returned home from dropping Jaelin off at school the trucks were loaded and the guys were headed to lunch.  Really lunch at 10AM! Oh well Jaelin was asleep and I could cut out my latest quilt design.  Since it was so nice today Jaelin and I decided to help Jake and Stevie fix some fence.  Jaelin and I had to leave by 2PM to pick up Jacie from school.  Jake said he would be home early, BUT someone called and said there were heifers out.  He called to tell me he would be late for supper.  I pretended to sound surprised.

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