Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cattle Brand

When did cattle branding start? - Although cattle branding has been said to have happened even during Biblical times and has been seen in paintings drawn by Egyptians.  The reason for branding in America really can be attributed to the movement of people and cattle in the western states after the Civil War.  Before there were fences and land was distributed you can see where telling whose cattle were whose, would be a problem.

Why brand the cattle? - Cattle branding is really the only permanent form of identification that can be seen from a distance.  The only other permanent identification we have is tattooing inside the ear of a calf, cow or bull.  However you would have to catch the animal to read the tattoo. If you have a herd  of 2000 cows, or run them on 10,000 acres catching them all to find the one you need is really unnecessary.

How to read cattle brands? - When reading cattle brands you have to read them left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top and inside out.  You also should know a few symbols.
Branding Quiz

What to do if you have missing cattle?
Nebraska Missing Cattle Report

Brand Inspectors - If you live in a brand inspected area, which includes the half of Nebraska our feed yard is located in, by law you have to brand your cattle. This seems to be a heated topic in Nebraska because you could own two feed yards next to each other and one of them would have brand inspections laws to follow and the other doesn't.

The guys here have been branding cattle to send west.
Do you know this brand?

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