Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beef Information - Corbitt Wall

It is difficult to find places on the internet to educate yourself on the beef industry and not waste hours looking through data, graphs and charts that you really leave with more questions than answers.

I really like Drovers Cattlenetwork. They have a number of editors and resources in small condensed articles that take minutes to read with thought provoking facts and data.

I was recently directed toward another great source of information from a cattle buyer that sends cattle to 4+ Feeders to be cared for and marketed. Corbitt Wall works for the USDA and tells great stories with a wonderful all American accent.  He does all this while giving the facts about what the cattle market is all over the country.  The girls even enjoy listening to him.  We just may make it a Saturday family event to listen to Corbitt Wall.

I hope my non beef producer readers will listen and tell me what they think.  You have to love his story telling ability.

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