Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On a mission to find and move cows.

We set out to locate any missing cows and calves that had been separated from the group when Jake was moving them closer to the barn earlier today.  We also had big plans to move a group of cows and calves to a different pasture.  However we were unsuccessful on almost every mission. Except the mission to spend this beautiful evening outside with family.

We located the cow and calf that were separated early, however she ran for the brush and so did her calf and only came out after we were about a mile away.  We could see her from across the ridge.  I think she was mocking Jake.

Then we got stuck on the buggy in a place we shouldn't have been.  However the repercussions besides some of us walking were these pictures.  Jake was telling the girls, that these bulls were leaving for Colorado at the end of the week.  Jacie said  "that's where the Duncan's live".  The bonus question this evening. What show are the Duncan's on?

We then were trying to move a group of cows, when they got away from us and darted for the opposite end of the paddock.  Jake went barreling across the pasture, when a big skunk came out of no where.  We aborted the mission.

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