Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Beef Cattle

Hurricane Sandy has been weighing on my mind.  I have never lived on the coast and really have no idea what it would be like to sit in wait of a storm to hit, hoping you are prepared. As a beef producer you have to wonder what a hurricane would be like.  We are in the midst of weaning and shipping calves here. If the hurricane were to hit this evening we could potentially lose our yearly income, because we haven't shipped our cattle yet.  This got me interested in finding out what happens to beef producers after a hurricane.  Cattle Rescued after Hurricane Isaac

The question is would you stay if you had livestock or would you leave.  I really feel (although it is hypothetical for me) that if I had no livestock I would leave.  However if I was a livestock producer it would be difficult for me to leave, not knowing what would happen to your farm, livestock and livelihood.  What would you do?

This is what the respective states are telling livestock producers to do. Delaware Department of Agriculture preparedness list for livestock.

I just keep wondering how people make these decisions.
The scene looks like this, you are watching the Weather Channel that is explaining Hurricane Sandy like an apocalypse, wondering should you keep the animals in the barn. Can the barn stand after being hit by Hurricane Sandy? Where is the best place to keep all the calves and find them after this horrific storm? There are just too many unknowns. I am worried and concerned about my fellow beef producers in the line of Hurricane Sandy.

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