Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Fun

In the Winter of 1996 I was sitting at Made For Excellence (MFE) as part of an Ohio FFA Association leadership training.  I was sitting on the side of the room with one of my fellow State FFA Officers, making a goal list (bucket list) as instructed. Emily Buxton was sitting next to me and we began sharing ideas of what was important in our future lives.  She had written down making her future children's Halloween Costumes. She was seriously dating her high school sweetheart, who she is now married to.  My mind was not really thinking about future children, however I thought it sounded interesting and I wanted kids some day so I wrote it down too.  Well here it is 2012 and I finally did it Emily.  I crossed it off my bucket list - handmade Halloween costumes.  I made the girls matching poodle skirts.  It was fun! What was on your bucket list in high school?

A few weeks ago one of the other people from the same State Officer team that I have been friends with forever Amy Poth calls and says lets get together. She said she would like to come see us.  I said that would be great, we could take our kids to the Good Zoo in West Virginia for Boo at the Zoo. The weather has been great for a week, but of course it has rained and turned cold now.  The kids were already set on going to the Zoo.  However we tried to take them to Cabela's.  It is kind of like the zoo (only it wasn't cold or raining in there).  Okay, okay the animals are not alive, but that is just a technicality.  They do have live fish.

So after we exhausted Cabela's and all the animals they had to offer and . . .

 the Princess shot the gun.

We moved on to Boo at the Zoo. It was rainy and cold, but enjoyable.

We had a wonderful evening and it ended at the Outback eating steak.

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  1. Impressed Janice....can't say making costumes is on my bucket list. Maybe it's because my mom never did it for us? We like Cabela's (one only 8 miles from us) as well as the zoo. None of the animals hide from you and less walking! Super cute costumes you made!