Wednesday, September 12, 2012


If you would like to read just one book of the Bible I would choose Ruth at least so far.
Ruth is by far the shortest. You could read it in an hour.  Ruth is a love story and is all about the warm and fuzzy mostly.  I feel like we deserve this message after reading the first part of the old testament.

Interesting stories from Ruth . . .

1. The earliest welfare system for orphans and widows was gleaning wheat and barley from behind the harvester.  This is what Ruth did and how she met a new husband that was impressed with her work ethic and was also the farmer of the crop.  There is something you don't hear these days, I fell in love with her work ethic.

2.  A lesson you learn from Ruth and Naomi is that you keep praying in faith and working hard.

3. Another lesson learned from these two women is that you can be discouraged as you continue to pray and wait but you can't be bitter.

Ruth a great story and great book.

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