Thursday, September 13, 2012

A lucky third cutting during a drought.

While grain farmers are starting to harvest crops, livestock farmers like my Dad are trying to get one more cutting of hay in the barn.  Dad was raking a third cutting hay in this field today.  I showed up just in time for a couple pictures and to bring him a drink of water.

When he stopped to get a drink, I snapped this picture.  He smiled and said, "will I be your Friday Fix"?  I said, "what is there to fix"?  I then smiled to myself . . . and thought

1. Well there has been at least a dozen times in my lifetime that I have seen Dad split this tractor to fix. This use to be the tractor he planted all the corn with.

2. I guess there was the fix, of him fighting cancer and winning. Then going on to be a survivor for 12 years.

3.  There is also the fix that Dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons's Disease, but continues to farm.
But, no Dad you can't be the Friday Fix because there is nothing to fix and today's Thursday.
Thanks for reading my blog, Dad!