Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moooving Cows

We move cows around a lot.  We move them closer to the barn, if we need to work them, breed them or sort them.  Many times we are just moving them to better grass.  I really enjoy getting the inside work done, like homework, supper and dishes and then go out just before sunset to move cows.  Jake usually takes the 4-wheeler and keeps them out of the brush and going in the right direction in the front.  The girls and I in the buggy just keep them moving from behind and hangout with the followers, slow pokes and injured (if there is one).  I sometimes wonder what a real cattle drive would've been like on horse back.  Of course when you think about it, it was really slow waiting on calves to catch up and water breaks.  I wonder how many miles could be covered in a day? Our cattle drives are short, in pleasant weather (usually) and best of all there are no Indians.

These photos were taken by Jaelin.

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