Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fix

Today's Friday Fix is: how to answer the questions of young minds?  As we were moving cows last evening the girls were buckled into the one seat next to me in the buggy.  I am aware we were breaking at least 3 of the 70 safety stickers found on the ATV.  As a mother I felt we were all safe.

The girls not knowing I was listening were talking to each other about many things.  I was pretending not to listen and only answer questions directly asked to me.  I have no idea where they come up with some of this stuff and if I do know where it comes from, I have no idea how to answer them with the limited knowledge they have about agriculture and science.  You have to have a BS in Agriculture to understand some of these things.  I find God is a good answer to some of the questions.

1. Like much of the US we were experiencing drought like conditions in our pastures.  However in the last several weeks, spring has arrived for the second time, making the grass grow green and fast.  This prompted this question from Jaelin.  Where does grass come from?  I am thinking where do you go with this, do you explain the growth of a plant, the life cycle of grass, photosynthesis.  I know she (who will start kindergarten next week) will have no idea what I am talking about.  The answer is God gave us rain, that he didn't give to many people in other parts of the country and that helped the grass grow.  The answer is God.

2. Jacie leans over to Jaelin and says see that is a bull.  Prompting this question, How do you know that's a bull?  Jacie says, because you see that, well that, well you know Jaelin.  They didn't ask and I am not answering that one.  I can't even play the God card.

3. It was an hour or two into moving these cows who were moving along really well when Jaelin asks Jacie, How do cows get married? What? Where does she get this stuff?

4. Jacie wants to learn to drive the buggy, mostly because my brother Jason watched the girls last weekend and he taught her to drive his golf cart.  She then asks, Who taught you to drive, Mom?  I told her Uncle Jason taught me to drive.  She said really because you are a better driver than him. Hilarious!

So what questions do the young minds in your lives ask and how do you answer?

The answer to the last Friday Fix:

The remains from the previous bridge found in central Nebraska was built at ground level.  At times the locals say it was impassable do to high water.  The new bridge was engineered well above the water.

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