Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Problem For America . . .

Tonight Jake ran in to grab a couple gallons of milk at the local grocery store.  As he put it up on the counter, the grocery store clerk made conversation with him by saying, "I've heard milk could be $4.00 a gallon by next year". Jake said, "That doesn't bother me, the dairy farmers sure could use the extra money". She proceeded to say, "It may be cheaper to have your own dairy cow and chicken". She then continued to explain that she didn't want a messy rooster around, so she would have to take her chicken some place to be bread.

My new business idea from this conversation is:
1. One hour chicken breeding.  You drop off your chicken and pick it up in an hour bred.

The funny:  Chickens do not have to be bred to lay an egg.  The egg is laid everyday.  If you want the eggs to hatch into a chick, then they must be bred by a rooster.

This is just another reason America needs Agriculture Education curriculum in high school.

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