Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jake's Pen of 4 free martin heifers for Denver.

Jake is thinking about sending this pen of 4 free martin heifers to Denver. Do you think they should be entered as a pen or separate entries? How would you place the class? 

Someone asked me why I started blogging.  The answer is, mostly to share our adventures in the beef world with family and friends.  However since I was unable to teach Agriculture for the first time in eleven years, I also need an outlet for my sarcasm. 

For my non-beef readers this is the sarcasm for this blog so you can laugh too. 

A pen of 4 for the National Denver Stock show is a huge deal. (Funny - these heifers don't have a prayer of being a winner at a national show) 

You can only exhibit a pen of 3 or 5 or a carload of 8 or 10.  (Funny- this is a pen of four)

All of the animals have to match up and it shows the consistency a breeder has in their herd.  (Funny - these heifers do not match)

A pen of 4 would also would be entered as heifers, bulls or steers.  (Funny - a free martin heifer which is A sterile or otherwise sexually imperfect female calf born as the twin of a bull calf. Therefore you can't make an entry for free martin heifers because they cannot be used for breeding, they can be used for market)

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