Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Science Friday

Following my trip to Chicago I felt taking a calf to my girls city school for "Super Science" Friday was even more important than I previously thought.  I had promised the girls I would bring a calf into their school to share with their teachers and friends, but it became a little more than that.

I believe it will be some time before "Ellen" leaves my thoughts.  I find myself wondering what everyone around me thinks about their food sources.  I had a conceited thought in my pre"Ellen" days that people were glad that I raised beef. I believed that people enjoyed grilling steaks with their families and enjoyed the occasional burger through their favorite drive thru on their way to sporting events.  Now I wonder, how many "Ellen's" are out there.

All of the kids in Jacie's class got a chance to feed the heifer.  They asked a lot of questions when was it born, how much does it weigh, how many calves are there, does it have a mom, does it have a name,  what is on it's butt.  They hugged it, rubbed it and loved it.  It is now broke to lead.

I ended up staying for the whole school to come out to see it.  I stayed so long that I was still holding it in the parking lot as parents were coming to pick up their kids.  The parents had a few questions as well.  One man asked how many cows he could put on his 37 acres.  I didn't answer one question on "pink slime" and was not attacked once for raising beef.  I'm feeling a little better about the future of America.

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