Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jacie's new job.

Do to the increasing amount of twins in Jake's groups of cows, Jacie has found a new job. Jake's groups of cows of about 400 just had their eighth set of twins today.  Cows having twins is usually a difficult situation.  Sometimes the cow will have a set a twins and watch over, produce enough milk for both of them and let both of them nurse.  However most of the time the cow will leave one of the twins behind (like she didn't know she had two), not produce enough milk for both of them, or not let both of them nurse.  

Jake usually bring one of the twins to the barn (orphanage).  Jacie really is enjoying feeding the orphans.  If a cow loses a calf then one of these orphans will hopefully be put on that cow to nurse her and help her earn her keep.  If she doesn't raise a calf, then she will just lay around eat quality feed and get fat making her harder to breed back.  However we are having a successful calving year thus far, and we have not lost very many calves.  Therefore the orphanage is full and Jacie's job is getting bigger.

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