Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interrupting calving reports for a cataract update.

My mom and I took Jaelin for her regular cataract update at Children's this morning and we received more wonderful news.  Jaelin took her eye test, which involves the letters T,V, H, and O.  Dr. McGregor came in, and immediately said she was so happy to see such great improvement AGAIN.  I was so excited.  Jaelin's eye without the cataract is 20/20, her eye with the cataract which was 20/40 in December (which is legal driving vision) is now 20/30.

Because we made such improvement, means she will still be wearing her patch six hours a day. Some where around your 5th Birthday your vision locks in for life.  I guess that is until regular vision problems set in.  Jaelin turns 5 on April 23rd.  We will be going back in June and she is expecting no change and then we will be backing off patching at that time.  Since there is still improvement with patching, if we were to stop now we would go backwards.

Although she will always need glasses, things could be a lot worse. I am feeling so blessed that Jaelin's cataract was caught so early and we were able to bring her vision back to as close to normal as possible.

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for Jaelin.  For everyone who was hoping for a calving update . . .  those will continue tomorrow.

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