Saturday, March 17, 2012

How the water sack ruined date night.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work the membership booth with fellow beef producers across the state at the Ohio Beef Expo all day.  It was a beautiful day and I met several great people.  I also got closer to my goal of selling enough memberships to not have to eat chicken at the board meeting.

Jake stayed at home to calve cows and the girls went with me for the weekend. Jake's parents decided to have the girls stay over with them this evening.  I decided after my shift at the Expo was over, I would head home for a late dinner date night with Jake.

I pulled in the drive and Jake said we needed to check on a heifer that was calving, then we could head in town for something to eat and he needed to pick up something at Lowes. After checking on the cow and noticing the water sack had not broke, we left for town hoping this first calf heifer would be able to give birth on her own.

We went to Lowes for a few items and then went to Steak and Shake for burgers and shakes. We forewent the steak dinner, because of the pending calving problem at home.  Upon returning home we relocated the heifer (this time in the dark) and found the water sack had broke, but no calf.  We headed to the house to change clothes.  Jake took the 4wheeler and found the cow and directed her towards the barn and I brought the truck for more light.  We got her in and then this happened . . .

The pictures are not the best and I apologize for that.  Jake only found it semi-amusing that I was taking pictures, especially when I was supposed to be helping pull.


Jake was assessing the situation.  For the known beef producers you need to know what end you have.  You are hoping for two feet and one head.  The only way you can be sure which end you have is to feel for the hole with the teeth. Hopefully only one end has teeth.

By looking at the hoof you can many times tell how big the calf is going to be.  This was a big one. He put a strap around the legs and began to pull.
The strap alone was not going to help get this calf out.  Jake got a birth chain made for helping a calf be born.  

He tried to pull again.  The calf was still not coming, I put down the camera to help him.  He is lucky he married a woman with so much strength (sarcasm).  

Jake then hooked up a calf jack that is made to help pull the calf out with physics.  It may be similar to the vacuum they use on human babies. Finally the head was out.

 Jake and I had to pull quite a bit harder to get the rest of the body out.  It was a big one.

This calf would not have been born alive and the cow was happy to have Jake's help this evening.  I am not sure how she feels about having her HIPPA violated by being featured on my blog.  This is calf 14 today for Jake.

. . . and that is how a water sack ruins a date night.

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  1. Man! I worried that date night might not have happened for you this evening! Maybe it is lack of sleep or just the sheer emotion of the situation ... but Jake is the man! He is going to be the kids' hero tomorrow! He saved the calf and possibly the cow! Good job! HIPPA! I'm still giggling!