Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boot problem solved

I have loved boots for a long time. I can't think of many places where boots are not appropriate.  Of course some venues call for more expensive boots than others.

I love to dress the girls in boots.  They usually like to where them, however this particular pair of boots have caused Jaelin some discomfort.  I personally do not like the top of my boots touching my legs, therefore I wear tube socks.  Not many people know and those that do think it is hilarious but I wear tube socks every time I wear boots (which is almost 365 days a year).

I was shopping for a dress for a special occasion once and I ended up in JCrew.  Not a typical shopping spot for me, but because I am vertically challenged, dress shopping is difficult.  I came out of the dressing room to show Jake this dress and had this JCrew dress on with tube socks.  I heard a few snickers. I just didn't see the point of taking off the socks to show Jake the dress. I was thinking laugh it up and went and put on my Ostrich Skin boots that cost more than their shoes (they just didn't realize) and bought the dress and left.

I digressed - Jaelin's boot problem was solved last weekend. I cut the end out of two pairs of my socks and made "boot cuffs".  She loves them and now there is no complaining about her boots rubbing her legs.  

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