Friday, March 23, 2012

A saved calf and the girls have friends over

Jake and I headed north this morning to fix a tractor window that has been broke out.  While we were there a cow was having trouble calving.  Austin who calves that group called Jake to see if he could stop by and help.  Austin had been watching the cow all morning, and Jake said he probably should get her in.  While we were on the way Austin got her to the barn, guiding her with his 4wheeler.  Traveling a distance with a cow in labor takes a lot of patience.

After getting her into the barn Jake went for chains and Austin slipped on a glove to see what was there.  He had two feet and a head.  I thought that was good.  But the hooves looked awfully big. This calf was huge! Darn clean up bull!

 Jake and Austin got the calving strap around the legs and started pulling.  No progress!

 At this point I was thinking she would have liked a complimentary episiotomy.

 Another saved calf.

Jake and I went for lunch at 2PM and then I went and picked up the girls and their friends at school. We got home and they changed their clothes.  We headed to feed the baby calves.

We then went out to tag a baby calf that was born this afternoon.  Jake then dared Jacie and her friend Celia to sneak up and touch a baby calf and they almost got there and then it jumped up and ran off.


  1. That is so cute! I wanna bottle feed a calf! I am laughing at Jake's face in one of those last pictures. He is making a face like "Eewww gross what is this?" I found it amusing.

    1. Come on over or we could sell you one. I know I wasn't watching Jake when I was taking the pictures. When I loaded them last night I was noticing that.