Thursday, February 2, 2012

My day as a substitute and Jaelin's day with her Dad.

I was an official substitute for the Agriculture Education class at the local high school today.  The day was semi-uneventful.  Which in the subbing world means no fights and nobody was sent to the office.  The best part is I get to make my own sub plans - so I teach a mini unit for the whole day on whatever I want.  Last week I taught a lesson on job interviews and basic employee skills.  This went along with side comments about becoming gainfully employed and becoming a tax paying citizen for this great country.  I decided to follow this week with purchasing property and legal descriptions.  The classes went really well until . . . there was a group that I polled half way through the lesson on legal descriptions and determining acreage.  I realized that only half of them were processing and understanding the problems we were doing on the board.  I decided that meant I would receive a 50% - F.  I am really more of an A student.  I was explaining that as a teacher I would fail if only half of them understood.  Then this girl, who no longer had the worksheet that I had given her out, no pencil and had not put her hand in the air when asked if she got the questions correct says . . . "well if this doesn't work out - you can always go back to your feedlot".  This is really rude but at the same time I was busting out laughing on the inside.  Sometimes I want to tell high school students "hey, I have feelings". Then there are other times I want to laugh.  Then there are other times I want to be brutally honest.  In this case I went to the board to reteach.  

Since I was at school today and Jaelin didn't have preschool, that meant her and Jake spent the day together.  This is one of my favorite things.  When Jake takes the girls for the day, they learn so much.  Last year at the feedlot, Jaelin spent most of the days with him.  One of her favorite things to do is pack a lunch and eat out of it all day.  Apparently Jake and her did just that today.  They also distributed mineral to 800 cows and checked two groups of 230 cows for any new calves.

The girl needs a horse!

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  1. So what did you really want to say to this rude student :) I would love to know. Being one of ur students who use to but heads with you. And I would love to live the life your girls have. They are so privledged! If I could have a week with jake I know my lil head would explode :)