Friday, February 3, 2012


Since the girls attend a Catholic school, parents are asked to "work" Bingo one month out of the year. Tonight I enjoyed working Bingo for the first time.  In fact after getting there I realized I had never even attended Bingo before. Besides playing Bingo in elementary, I have never played Bingo.

So here I am in the church basement ready to "work" Bingo.  I was told my job would be selling pull tickets.  It works like this, people yell your name (because you wear a name tag) and you sell them tickets.  However if two people yell your name at the same time, you sell tickets to one person and the other person will be mad and not buy tickets from you for the rest of the night. I made three people angry - whata ya gonna do? While selling tickets, one of the ladies had to go to the bathroom, so she asked if I would watch her cards.  Oh the pressure - I mean you miss a number and you may need a police escort to your car.

I just kept smiling. I couldn't help but thinking how awesome it is that these people come here to play Bingo and help support the school. I had a great time selling tickets at Bingo. Oh and I met a lot of great parents and staff from the school. 

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