Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jake the cattle feeder - grocery shops

Since Jake and I married a typical Saturday night is mass, dinner and grocery store.  However since I haven't been teaching this year, I've let him off the hook.  I also have found Monday mornings at 8:30AM are a quiet and peaceful time to shop for groceries.  Tonight though we fell into our routine of mass, dinner and grocery store.  We ate dinner at Bob Evans, in fact I think we have eaten at Bob Evans every week since we have moved back east of the Mississippi River. Oh, how I missed Bob Evans.

Walmart was crazy tonight and the shelves were bare.  We continued on anyway with our normal grocery store strategy. Jake and Jaelin travel off the main course for unusual items like dog food and mailing labels.  Jacie and I head for the back of the store and shop headed towards the register.  Do most people shop starting at the back?  Once Jake and Jaelin found their items they then join back with Jacie and I.  They also go back for things I forgot or in tonight's case to reach things I couldn't reach, because the shelves were not stocked.

Jake's phone kept ringing with feedlot calls.  We have new cattle coming in at the yard for the next 48 hours.  We also got 8 inches of snow at the yard.  This much snow means bunks need cleared and pens need scraped to keep melting snow from making a muddy mess out of the pens.  I understand the need for phone calls and business to carry on even through the grocery store process. However after losing Jake about 10 times and finding him looking like this . . .

I started taking pictures and he started questioning what I was going to do with them.  Then he laughed, because he knew it was going to be a blog.  So here it is from beginning to END!


  1. Is that your guys' place? if so.... i would like one to show off. Of course ill pay for it.

    1. The 4+ gift shop is currently closed. I hit the cyber Monday sales for those coat off of Cabela's for our wonderful employees at the yard. I will hook you up on the next order.