Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jacie's requested cow themed 7th Birthday

We celebrated Jacie's 7th birthday with some wonderful people today.  A few weeks ago I started planning a birthday party for Jacie.  I have never facilitated a children's birthday - usually we just have family parties.  I thought it was long overdue.  Jacie requested a cow birthday.  Wow - this is exciting, but a challenge.  I knew I wouldn't be able to hit the Walmart or Factory Card Outlet with the kit style party.  I asked if she was sure this is what she wanted and when she confirmed, I took on the challenge.  I called my dad and asked if we could use the heated farm shop. This would provide a rare February opportunity for kids to ride bikes and run around. I planned a taco and hot dog bar, with hamburger and all beef hot dogs.  I also got the deal of a lifetime and I still think it might have been a mistake.  I will pass this on to my readers.  Arby's sold me a bag (unofficial weight - 5 lbs.) of their cheddar cheese for $7.00.  It was great on the tacos, hot dogs and nachos.

I then called and invited friends and family. Even with the weather we had a great turn out.

I ordered a cow birthday cake. The Snack Bar on the square in Somerset did a fantastic job.  Jacie, Jaelin and their friends Delaney and Sadie stood in line for the cow butt. Those girls - so much for the traditional Princess Party. No magical wands or fancy dresses, just waiting for part of the cow butt.

There were no fancy dresses at this party, but every kid got a homemade scarf.  My friend Jennifer cut each kids a scarf in their choice of color as they came through the door.


How they chose to wear them was their choice.
My nephew Owen - his scarf was worn Rambo style and I think the Barbie scooter  is an added touch.

I designed two cow themed party games.  I got one of the ideas from Karen at the girls' school. It is called red and black. Usually you play with a regular set of cards.  I designed cards using mailing labels and index cards.  I got pictures of a red cow and a black cow and made about 30 cards.  The kids sit in a circle and you ask them red or black.  You then turn the card over if they are right - they get a prize from the middle and if they are wrong - you go to the next kid.  I hit the dollar store for great kid's gifts like candy and whoopie cushions.  That game seemed to be successful.

I also wanted to reinvent an old favorite - pin the tail on the donkey.  I created a black steer on a piece of poster board and after a couple prototypes Jake finally made a sponge brander.  I got some poster paint and kids used their scarves as blind folds and we were branding.  It was fun!

The girls and I also gave Jake his birthday present early.  A roping dummy and a rope.  Calvin (soon to be Uncle Calvin) gave a demonstration the kids tried and then decided Calvin roping them or riding the dummy was more fun.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for a great party and great memories!

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