Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cow Conversations in the Doctor's Office

I spent the morning at the Medcare in West Virgina.  I really don't feel the doctor's office is a good place for conversation. Since becoming a mom I really have become a bit of germaphobe.  There are just some things and places I find disgusting.  The day after Christmas I was at urgent care and saw this two year old boy repeatedly throwing his pacifier on the floor and the parents picking it up and putting it in his mouth.  It was all I could do, to not say anything.

Today I was with Jacie waiting quietly in the most unpopulated area in the waiting room.  From across the room I overheard a rather loud older lady happily telling this small girl about her cows.  "I have 51 cows, would you like to see them."  She said, "have you ever seen an oreo cow".  I have now stopped listening.  Our name is called to go fill out more paperwork.  When we are finished to head back to our seats, they were taken.  Surveying the waiting room for the least sickly looking people to sit by and guess who had the only vacant seat next to them.  The lady with the cows.

This is what I am privately thinking.  I am an educator, it is in my every being.  When people say things that are inaccurate, I feel the need to correct them. I am starting to believe after living here for 33 years people just want to live and have their stories and enjoy them.  Not everyone wants to be educated about the details of what they enjoy.  I feel I should try not to screw that up for people.  I am currently working on this particular personality flaw.  I am working on deciphering when people want to be educated and when they just want to tell you about their happiness. I want people to be happy and educated.

I am passionate about the beef industry so, when I sat down I was thinking please do not mention cows, beef, beef breeds, or cattle.

And so it began.  "I have 52 cows", she says.  I am thinking really I thought it was 51.  Something is yelling in my ear at the same time - shut up Janice, shut up.  She then went on to say would you like to see pictures of them and she retrieves her camera from her purse. As she was digging through her purse she says there is no money in cattle. I am thinking really in all of the American businesses, I can't not think of a better industry to be in right now. (shut up Janice and smile)  I name them after my coworkers. I am thinking do they know this. (more shut up Janice)  She then shows me a picture of a Limousin bull.  This is my bull John (insert long story about a coworker).  They are called Limousin because they are long like the car.  (shut up Janice - she doesn't want to know Animal Science 101 - how breeds get their names)
How Limousin's really got their name (just in case you do) .  She then showed us a picture of a Belted Galloway and told Jacie it was hard to paint that stripe on it.  Jacie just looked at her and gave no response.  The entire time I am thinking, keep smiling and nodding Janice.

In my personal growth - I feel good that I was able to keep quite through this entire conversation.
As an educator - epic fail.
As a director for the Ohio Cattlemen - I should have sold a membership.

How would you have handled the situation?


  1. I would've been a good listener and just nodded and tried to interact with the lady. I am very proud of you for not commenting or correcting her. :)

  2. O my gosh Janice! I don't even know where to start with this one. So I wont and just say that I laughed (not out loud for it would of woke Owen up)! See ya tomorrow!