Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jake and I's Date Night at the Ohio Cattlemen's Banquet

Every once in awhile Jake and I will go out, without the girls.  We planned an evening out to the Ohio Cattlemen's Banquet two weekends ago.  I decided to call my cousin and see if she'd watch the girls and she said no problem.  She says it is an excuse to get her old Barbie house out.  The girls really like to play there. She also has a wonderful husband and two boys.

Their neighbors have a veal barn and the girls got a tour.  I was bummed, I have never had the opportunity to tour a veal barn.

This is Luke and Jacie feeding a calf.  
Jacie, RJ and Luke

Apparently Jaelin's feet never touched the ground.  She talked Matt into carrying her the whole time. 

I am including this picture because this calf looks like it is going to stick it's tongue in Jacie's ear.
Matt finally got a rest when Jaelin climbed on the milk replacement bags.

Thank you Matt, Jamie, RJ and Luke for giving the girls a tour of the veal barn and the virtual tour for me.

Matt also found a toy show to take the girls to.  They each came home with balers.  Jaelin showed me the next day and it had a baseball like card with it.  She took it over to Jake and told him it was a card to get a new baler.  She kept saying not a fake one a real baler. Oh like a coupon!  Thanks for that too!

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