Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear McDonald's,

Dear McDonald's,

After careful consideration of your recent news, where you chose to align yourself with Animal Activist Groups specifically HSUS. I have decided to continue to eat at your restaurant with my family.

I am making this choice for two main reasons, neither of which is because I don't believe I could stop eating their if I really wanted to.  The first reason is self serving, because as a beef producer, you are one of our major customers. I realize it would be hard to find another customer to purchase 260 million pounds of beef a year.  My parents have taught me "don't bite the hand that feeds you".  The second reason is for a stand against your partner HSUS and Wayne Pacelle. I believe we are at war with animal activists as producers.  I believe during war an intelligent leader believes in a divide and conquer plan.  I also am aware of Wayne Pacelle being an intelligent leader.  He is already working this plan by encouraging the poultry people to take the first step in "making a deal".  I will not fall into the trap and will continue to order my sausage with my pancakes and support our fellow hog producers.  I know those hog producers care about their hogs and continue to make decisions to keep their swine safe from each other and explore  caging options for these issues. These hog producers have a huge challenge ahead of them, they are one of the only animal producers that have the issues of their animals liking to chew on each other.  That is something we just don't have to deal with at our feed yard.  They also have to make these changes economically sound, so they can both stay in business and continue to provide a cheap protein source for American consumers.

I understand that you are operating a business and will continue to meet customer demand.  I also understand that many hog producers are voluntarily phasing out gestation crates anyway.  I do ask that you tread lightly with your decision in regards to HSUS and further research their goals that you are aligning yourself with.  Their main goals include eliminating meat from our diets.  Although I have not talked directly with your accounts, but I do believe that may put you out of business.

Janice Wolfinger
Beef Producer
Supporter of Agriculture
McDonald's Cheeseburger Lover

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