Wednesday, February 15, 2012

for the love of beef (part ?)

Seven years ago today some of my worries left and then were replaced with new ones.  I went into labor around 5AM on February 15, 2005.  Worry number one was now over, which was that my water would break in front of one of my high school classes when I was teaching.  I did call school and tell them that I wouldn't be in that day and would not be there for what I still believed may be three weeks (insert laugh).
The previous day after school I had went to the doctor for an ultrasound since I was now a week overdue.  She assured me that she would not be born anytime soon and that she surely wouldn't weigh more than 7 or 8 pounds. After awaking to labor pains (the very next morning), I decided to jump in the shower and then wake Jake up so we could go to the hospital. We grabbed the prepacked hospital bag and headed for the hospital.  Jake had a cold for a few days, however he still thought he should go through the drive thru at Tim Hortons on the way.  After weighing in at the hospital (why they feel the need to weigh you in one last time is beyond me), I had found that I gained nearly 60 pounds.  The doctor had told me about my weight gain and had even asked at one point if I owned a scale.  I told her I did and then I told her about this wonderful doughnut shop in Logan that had the best Long John Doughnuts.  She didn't find the humor in this.
After the epidural and being in labor all day and pushing for more than three hours, the doctor called her no progress. She told me she would be back when I was ready for a c-section.  By this point the epidural was wearing off. They would have to change that to a spinal for the c-section.  They sent Jake to scrub in and then had me sign a bunch of papers. I still have no idea what I signed because for the first time in my life I was in so much pain I thought I might die.  I could have bought a farm for all I knew.  A little time passed and I was in a cold room and Jake was back and then there was Jacie at 8:47PM. Ok, it wasn't that easy, but I'll save details for my book (insert sarcasm), not poor unsuspecting blog readers. They then took her away and as the doctors were stitching me up the nurse came back in and they asked "what'd that baby weigh?".  The nurse said "9 pounds 2 ounces".  I was thinking, surely they are not talking about my baby.  But, they were . . .

By the third day Jake had been kicked out of the hospital for testing positive for the flu.  Since he went home and I still hadn't been out of my bed I stayed and my cousin Julie stayed with me in the room for the night.  Jake also had cows that were calving.  A couple days later when Jake came back to get Jacie and I to come home, Jake was feeling better. Our new family schedule was working out well, I got up through the night to feed Jacie and Jake checked cows.

Happy 7th Birthday Jacie!

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