Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Eat Beef?

I have often found myself on a bandwagon for people eating beef. Since Jake and I purchased our feed yard in Nebraska I feel I need to be more of a beef advocate.  I have explained more than once why eating chicken hurts the beef industry.  I have explained market shares, consumer satisfaction and that a healthy diet can include beef.

 I may have threatened students in a fast food restaurant more than once that if they order chicken nuggets they could not ride the bus home (this was in good fun).  I have given way too many lectures to students about eating more beef.  I only knew it was too many when students came to school and reported they had steak for dinner.  I never considered this a problem.  I usually got excited and polled the rest of the class for how many chicken vs beef dinners were served.  I don’t believe there has been a student I have taught that wouldn’t confirm this story. 

However I just happened on to a website that shares some interesting facts about chicken vs beef.  I thought it very fitting for everyone trying to eat healthier.

The basics feel free to eat lean beef. 



  1. That was a good Chicken vs Beef Article, however some of the comments people posted, made me want to cringe! A reminder of how uneducated American Consumers are.

    I got a similar message at the end of my Senior Animal Science Capstone course last quarter. The professor was asking what we learned through out our last 4 yrs as an animal science student. Many responses included, while I am not "ag kid" and didn't grow up on a farm, I got a better understanding of how food is produced. Some even commented that they will continue to be vegetarians but do appreciate all sectors of agriculture.
    My response to the question was - I did grow up on a farm and proud to be a part of the 2% of the population that produces food for our country and the world - What I learned at Ohio State has nothing to do with raising livestock. I learned just how uneducated our consumers are about food production and modern agricultural practices.
    It shouldn't take a 4 year degree to learn these things!!

  2. I was happy to stumble upon an article written, promoting beef from outside the ag world. I agree that college especially at Ohio State (not that I went anywhere else) opened my eyes to a lot besides what I was studying. I will be excited what comments and other interesting things you learn from your fellow med. students.:) I couldn't be more excited to see your future unfold. GOOD LUCK!!