Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beef Business Humor

A few years ago my Dad, Jake, the girls and I went to Texas.  I always wanted to go to Texas and had never been.  It was an awesome trip.

While in Ft. Worth, (which I dream of going back) I found this sign in a restaurant.  I think it is hilarious.  The kind of funny that you relate to and that is why you laugh.

Because my camera was terrible:

The Purchase
A farmer has been taken several times by a recent car deal. One day the car deal informed the farmer that he was coming over to purchase a cow.  The farmer  priced his cow as follows:

Basic COW                                  $499.94
Shipping and Handling                   $ 35. 75
Extra Stomach                               $ 79.26
Two Tone Exterior                        $142.10
Produce Storage Compartment     $126.50
Heavy Duty Straw Chomper         $189.60
Four Spigot Output Drain System $149.20
Automatic Fly Swatter                   $ 88.50
Genuine Cowhide Upholstery        $179.90
Deluxe Dual Horns                        $ 59.25
Automatic Fertilizer Attachment    $339.40
4x4 Traction Drive Assembly        $884.16
Pro-delivery Wash and Comb       $ 69.80

Farmer's Suggested List Price      $2,843.36
Additional Dealer Adjustments     $ 300.00
Total List Price (including options) $3,143,36


  1. That's awesome, I think we should price education that way too.

  2. You write that one. I wish we still shared an office and we co write it.