Sunday, January 22, 2012

Support and admiration of a fellow beef producer

It has really upset me to hear about the trucks that were bombed while sitting outside of a feed yard in California. So much so, that this is the second blog about the same topic. I am thankful that although these trucks were equipped with sleepers there was not anyone hurt. I started thinking about the feedlot we own, truck drivers safety, veterinarians, actually everyone involved in production agriculture and their safety.  I think about how many people who start with what they believe are good intentions to protect miss treated animals and then they join and pay dues to an activist group and then their passion changes to attacking people, places where animals stay and get their food, and personal property.  It really is sad, how people are persuaded to get involved in these activities.  This is the latest updates on the details of the Harris Ranch attack along with the people who are claiming the action and bragging about how people should join them to "take direct action". Sometimes I read things like this and I think this can't be happening in our country.  Then I get songs from Toby Keith stuck in my head.

Because I don't want to spread only sad and depressing news.  I am also sharing the video of the Harris Family Ranch.  A man with a dream to be involved in production agriculture and eventually grew his cattle ranch to include a resort, meat packing facility and much more.  It would be easy to be jealous of someone that has been successful in so many facets of the beef industry and other businesses. I also believe that it seems that it is hard for people to understand a growing business.  Instead of feeling happy that this family business is expanding, growing, paying more taxes and hiring more people we label it as a factory farm and bomb their trucks.  Are we still living in the land of opportunity? Not only has he obviously been successful in business, but he also must know how to raise the next generation with a work ethic and business since. The next generations have been just as noteworthy and have also been able to expand and add their own touches of outstanding accomplishments.  That would be a true happy ending, raising the next generation to expand upon and buy into your dream. I hope Jake and I get a happy ending!

Read the history here:
Watch their virtual tour video:

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