Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Sunday - Moving Cows

Since it rained most of last night and this morning, Jake was happy we spent Sunday afternoon moving cows.  I was glad the girls and I decided to help him, what a nice afternoon to spend together and the weather was much warmer than I anticipated.  The girls and I actually were a little over dressed in overalls for the spring like day.

The first item of business was to move the larger group of J,H,M and N's.  These cows are lettered for the year they were born. The H's - 1997 J's - 1998 M's - 2002 and N's- 2003 (feel free to correct me if the years are wrong to the letter - that has to be close)  Then we reacquainted a small group of 12 cows that were lost in the brush during a previous move.  Although the task seemed like a quick task the move took about 3 hours.

our future pilot

Jaelin fell asleep about half way through and awoke for the finale.

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