Saturday, December 17, 2011

for the love of beef (part 3)

The rush of Fall and the waking up to either bad dreams about judging a pen of 4 heifers and one getting out and Dr. Turner saying “I hope you got a good look at her and good notes, we’re giving reasons on this class.” Or the dream where you wake up giving oral reasons on the class that lost you the last contest. That was all over.  It is now winter of 2000 and the reality of student teaching was calling.  I was to start student teaching at Amanda Clearcreek which happens to be just a few miles from Jake’s parents’ house. Since I was staying with my parents, I’d be driving by there every day. But, I never really thought about it.  Until one day I was passing by a wide spot in the road and I noticed Jake was in front of me. He must of saw me and pulled over.  I pulled in behind him and we talked for a while.  It was not the same conversation that I had that night at the tractor pull before I learned he was two and half years younger than me.  It was more like talking to my younger brother’s roommate.  Oh maybe because that’s what he was.

That winter I realized that I really liked teaching.  However I also learned that I had a lot to learn about teaching.  The Ohio State University degree I was about to earn was not going to help motivate high school students to understand the importance of agriculture. 

By Spring of 2000 I had survived student teaching and was told you will not be graduating as The Ohio State University had promised.  Apparently there was some confusion and I was going to have to take a 3 credit hour class following student teaching.  This is terrible, I thought.  I really didn’t have housing now, so I would be commuting one hour and moving in with my parents.  I thought my life was over.  As most things that happen for good reason that make you feel your life is over, it turned out to be a fabulous mistake. For the first time in my life I would be able to help with spring planting.  I commuted three days a week for class and spent the other time hauling seed, anhydrous and lunch to my dad.  It turned out to really be the last time that I had an abundant amount of time to spend with my dad.  I guess “someone” had a better plan then me for my life. By the end of spring quarter I had passed the Agriculture Education – follow up to student teaching class and Feedlot Management (for the for the first time) taught by Dr. Fluharty.  Spring planting was done and I was an official graduate from The Ohio State University (with no job).  However there was a plan brewing for some of the judging team from the fall to work a Hereford sale for Randy Owen of Alabama in Alabama.  I thought it would be exciting.  Probably exciting like some college students would think going to the beach for spring break is exciting, only better than that.  So I was set to go and was at home sitting at the table when Jake and Jason drove in from ATI and we started talking about the trip.  Who knows why, but Jake was very interested in going on this trip.  I said I would ask the others and since we were sharing costs on a rental van and rooms, everyone was fine with it. We were on our way to Alabama.  We got there and were put right to work.  I learned a lot there in Fort Payne Alabama that spring. 
-          Hurry in Alabama is the same as regular speed in Ohio
-          Some boys in Alabama had not learned that women received rights,  and we weren’t put on earth to bring them beer and pick up their empty beer cans (consider them informed)
-          You don’t leave a gambling table when you’re ahead
-          Randy Owen is allergic to latex
Jake was put to work driving steel posts for coral panels. The driver however was extremely short and when Jake was driving the post it came off the post and whacked him in the head just a few hours before the sale.  Kelly Owen (Randy’s wife) was extremely helpful.  Everyone wanted to hide Jake from the many customers gathering, mostly because he was bleeding all over the place and looked a mess. Randy was looking for band aids and rags, when he informs everyone he is allergic to latex.  I didn’t know that was possible.  The manager and Aaron Arnett took Jake to the hospital for 3 staples. The sale went well and we worked hard and played hard.  The trip ended and we all drove back to Ohio. *stay tuned for the love of beef part 4 (when Jake and I actually start dating)        

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