Thursday, December 15, 2011


There are several things I don't enjoy about Christmas.  The overwhelming feelings you have to get all of these "things" done.  That is why my favorite holiday is 4th of July.  It is warm out, decorations are minimal and get-togethers are come as you are and come if you can.  4th of July has absolutely no pressure and no expectations and ends with fireworks.  Christmas is really overwhelming mostly because it is the end of the year and has so much stress when mixed with tax season.  Christmas also has this decorating thing attached to it.  I really don't like to decorate. This year Jake and I put the tree up and put lights on it.  We let the girls put all the ornaments on it.  The bottom half looks really nice.  I doubt anyone will see it anyway.

However, I would like to share  the things I find great joy in those include buying the girls matching dresses. I am always afraid that this year will be the last year.  But as long as they continue letting me, I plan on searching for the best deal on the most beautiful dresses I can find.  I also love the advent season at church, nativity scenes and Christmas Eve Service.  I enjoy baking cookies and making a creative plate to take with us to family get-togethers.  Christmas is extra special with a school Christmas program.  We went to one tonight for the girls.  You have to love the talent that comes from a school program.


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  1. They look so grown up and pretty. Their hair looks pretty. You must of taken them to have it done. LOL Just kidding!