Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update from the Feed Yard

Jason all saddled up and ready to ride 
My brother Jason and Jake ventured to Nebraska last week for some major business changes and some fun.  We have had the opportunity to hire two new employees and we are very excited.  We have hired a local guy named Jeremy to manage the feed yard and secure cheaper feed sources.  Because he is from the area he has a lot of opportunities to talk with local farmers for feed opportunities.  We also have hired a new man named TR to handle all Animal Health.  He has several years of experience with feedlot animal health. With the hiring of TR we also get the talents of his great dog.  His dog can hold cattle by blocking holes and help take cattle back to the pen.  We feel these new people will be great additions. TR even saddled a horse that Jason was able to help him a few mornings ride pens. TR also showed Jason how to do a necropsy (animal autopsy) .  We are excited about the ability to diagnose death and having another tool to prevent other deaths at the feed yard.  The feed yard is doing well, functioning at full capacity - 3000 head.  We are excited for our future with the feed yard and the opportunity to work with great people.
TR and his dog


  1. Congratulations! Very exciting!

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