Saturday, June 1, 2013

For the Love of Beef was on hiatus.

I got two calls the other day wondering if I was still alive and why I haven't updated for the love of beef. I really appreciate my readers.

We are all alive and well here.  We haven't even been ill.  But, as you all know sometimes life takes over and you are just along for the ride. Therefore For The Love of Beef was on hiatus.

While the girls were finishing school we were packing for a trip to Nebraska.  We checked on the house, the feedyard and stayed with our dear friends the Gydesen Family. We had a great trip . . . learned a lot . . . here are a few highlights.

Jake spent ALL of his time working at the feedyard, which included the addition of our newest Beef Quality Assurance update with the addition of a used Silencer chute.

We checked on the progress of our new home.  Can you believe it will not be completed on time?  I am always optimistic at the wrong times.

However the  view has changed a little bit from the last time we showed it to you. I hope and pray the rain keeps coming.

We stopped by the post office to check on our new address that seems very illogical.  The postmaster asked if I wanted to be moved to the neighboring town which would get our mailbox two miles closer to our home (yes you read that correctly two miles closer).  Yes please! Although I didn't realize you could just change the town in your address.  They are still working on this process - we will see!

We went to church on Sunday and were able to see some of our church family and of course Sister Mary Ann - I missed her.  We also were able to hold a short conversation about sports with another couple after church.  Jake and I never watch sports and therefore when people talk about sports we just smile and nod.  However the Gydesen Family watch a lot of sports and so we were able to talk about the Nebraska Baseball team for at least two minutes.

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