Thursday, April 18, 2013

What? It's just grass and water.

Jake, the girls and I spent some time this afternoon with Kristy Foster from the Farm and Dairy.


After she left I was helping the girls with their homework and cooking supper. Jake (in his good jeans) announces he needs to go "find a calf".

He returns after the supper is cooking and homework is done with cow manure all over his good jeans.  He comes into the kitchen and says "hey do you think you can get this out".  I am assuming at this point he has "found" the calf. I put on my "I complete believe that" face and said "really Jake, those are your good jeans".

Of course if you have ever scrubbed cow manure out of denim, you also know the answer is probably not.  Not only is this cow manure, but it's green fresh grass manure that stains like nothing I have ever seen.

He then goes on to explain how it happened.  I needed to separate this calf that is in with the Y group that we are moving in the morning.  I didn't want it to be moved with the group.  The calf wouldn't drive, so I picked him up and he didn't have any manure on him, I swear.  (Does anyone believe that?).  He said by the time I had him on the 4-wheeler I was covered.  He then says "it wasn't his s**+". I just smiled and was thinking this story doesn't make any since, your jeans are ruined and you better not utter those words "it's only grass and water".    

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