Thursday, April 25, 2013

HSUS your names sound kinda hinky.

I don't remember when I first learned about HSUS, but I like the other roughly 70% of Americans thought the name sounded a lot like the local Humane Society.  But, then you learn the similarity in the name is where it stops. After all the Humane Society spends it's time wanting to unite unloved pets with loving caretakers.  Then there is the HSUS and as you can tell from this map, they aren't spending much of their money to help shelters find loving homes for their abandoned pets.  In fact they are on record as saying they have no problem with the extinction of domesticated animals. However the bad publicity of HSUS does keep people from donating to their local Human Society and further hurts their ability to help animals.  If you want to donate money to help animals I would encourage you to drive to your local humane society and make a donation.

HSUS is now back in Ohio with another hinky name. HSUS has decided to start an organization made up of farmers and supporters of humane animal care called Ohio Agriculture Council. The strange thing is there is already an organization in Ohio that supports the well being of the entire agriculture industry (obviously including the well being of all animals) and it happens to be called Ohio Agricultural Council. Does HSUS lack creativity in naming their organization or is this on purpose?

Jake and I are members of a few organizations that support the Agricultural Industry including Ohio Farm Bureau FederationOhio Cattlemen's Association, and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. These organizations support and lobby for the humane treatment of animals. They also continue to educate producers on the best management practices for caring for animals.  I am proud to be affiliated with all of these organization and the wonderful people working for these groups on behalf of producers.

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