Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feedlot Magazine - the message of a dying industry.

Do you remember reading your first magazine?

Jacie "reading" her first magazine the National Cattlemen.
Was it the Highlights magazine?

Why do we read magazines?

The first magazine I read was the Highlights magazine because I thought it was cool that I got mail and it made me happy to do the hidden picture.

The second magazine I received was the FFA New Horizons.  This was back when I still thought it was fun to get mail and I read it for inspiration and knowledge.

I did occasionally browse the Glamour Magazine while in high school, until I realized there was so little in fashion that I would enjoy wearing in the magazine.  I like to tuck my shirt in and it has been pointed out by many high school students that I have taught that "that isn't cool".

I know you are wondering where this is going.

I stopped to get the mail on my way to pick the girls up the other day and found the Feedlot Magazine in our mailbox.  I really enjoy the Feedlot Magazine. The interesting thing about Feedlot/yards is that they are all so different, however usually lumped into one group. Among Agriculture magazines it is just a sector.  In the mainstream magazine world, you are hard pressed to find an article that is about feedyard/lots written in a positive or respectful way. This leads to the excitement of finding the Feedlot Magazine in our mailbox. It is an entire magazine written for and about the feedyard/lot industry.

Although I became a little discouraged this time when browsing the magazine as I stumbled upon this article that might as well said get out while you can. After I read this article I was disappointed that they would put something so sad and depressing in their magazine for people already fighting against odds and regular negativity from every direction including weather, animal rights organizations, environmental groups and the markets.  I can handle articles reporting cow numbers being the lowest since the 1950's and that battling drought for a second year should be something we are prepared for or even the fact that corn prices should lead you to alternative feed sources that will still push your fed cattle into the Choice grade. However what I don't have much appreciation for is a Highlights Magazine without a hidden picture a New Horizon magazine without an inspirational story of an FFA member starting their own business. I also no longer like reading Feedlot Magazine stories that would like to lead feedyard/lot owners to somehow believe the cattle feeding industry dying.

Let's be serious we have people lined up to eat beef. We have established ourselves as healthy as we actively advertise our Lean Beef.

Maybe I am overly optimistic as I am packing for a move across the country to be a part of this dying feedyard/lot industry.  Maybe I will someday have to write a eulogy for 4+ Feeders and post it here on fortheloveofbeef.  But until then you can find me advocating for feedyards/lots and the beef industry, raising beef and thanking you for enjoying beef with your friends and families.

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