Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh you are ____________'s Mom.

It is funny how once you become a Mom you lose part of your identity. To all of your kids' friends and even some of their parents you are now _________'s Mom.  I really kind of enjoy it.  I think it is flattering. In the cow world it is very similar.  If a cow has a high selling calf it no longer has an identity.

For example this cow was once R534, but now is known as Kitty Cat's Mom.  I know you are intrigued how she got her name. Here is the story  . . .

A few years ago we decided to break a couple of our better heifers to take to the Perry County Fair for an experience.  We asked Jacie, what she wanted to name the heifers.  She said, "Kitty Cat and Tree" and so there we were in the barn with two heifers named Kitty Cat and Tree.

Jacie had her first trip in the ring.

We then sold both of the heifers through the County Line Sale in Bremen, Ohio.  The process really made the girls tired enough to sleep on square bales.

Hurricane Katrina was hitting the gulf the weekend of the sale and on the other end of the phone was a phone bid from the hurricane.  Eventually Kitty Cat sold and a few weeks later, she made her way to Texas to a teenage girl that was overjoyed to have bought her. 

Jake sent me a text while I was fixing supper the other night to tell me "Kitty Cat had twins".

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