Friday, March 22, 2013

"Bull" Party

We have on occasion hosted a bowl party or two, when Ohio State plays in the Rose Bowl or the National Championship. Other than the Buckeyes and on occasion the Huskers this family does not follow sports.  I told the girls this week we would have a family "Bull" Party.

We are going to watch the Leachman Bull Sale tomorrow in between calf checks and unrolling some hay. The sale will be live on the internet and is actually taking place in Colorado. Carol Wildman asked me on Facebook today if we ever sold cattle through internet auctions.  She asked me if the auction is actually taking place somewhere.  The answer is yes we have on several occasions sold cattle through livestock auctions, in numerous ways.  The live auction most of the time is happening someplace. The Leachman Bull Sale is actually live in Colorado at Colorado State sales facility (which is very nice). It is very useful for people who can't make it to the sale for various reasons (weather, calving, time, work, travel).  Not hauling cattle to an additional place of sale is helpful for security.  Some cattle are videoed and never leave the farm.  This means less stress on humans and animals and less exposure to disease. Most of our calves are sold in the fall through video auction.

Lot 34 is Jake and I's bull that will sell tomorrow.  It is our first bull in the sale.  We believe although we haven't seen it since this fall, it is the best bull we have ever raised.  We are excited for it to sell tomorrow.  This is the video for Lot 34.

Lee Leachman believes the best he has ever had in the sale will also sell tomorrow as lot 34.  Just kidding he obviously put what he believe is the best bull as lot 1.  This is Lot 1, it will be worth watching the sale just to see what Lot 1 brings.  For my non cattle readers - more than one person/farm/ranch will purchase this bull and then someone will get breeding rights (custody) and the others will get semen rights.  It will likely be more interesting than most anything on television for the minute and half it takes to sell Lot 1.

Safe travels to everyone traveling to and from the bull sale.

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