Sunday, February 10, 2013

Modern Day Cattle Drive

Three groups of cows have now been moved to greener pastures.

Group one that has been featured on facebook and several blogs including Cows that work the system, were recently moved by force this morning.  Jake opened the gate to more grass several days ago, but they wouldn't go voluntarily.  They have been moving around looking for grass for several days now.  Therefore after Jake and I returned from church we jumped on some bikes and showed them where their new grass has been.

We then moved the second group about 3 or 4 miles to another pasture with more grass, which is also closer to the field they will be calving in, which starts in just a few weeks. We need to move cows on the Lord's Day, because the traffic on the roads with the oil and gas workers through the week is just too busy.  We moved the cows down the road for the most part and then moved into a pasture on to an old haul road from the coal mining days.  We went under interstate 70 and into their new place of residence.

We also moved a third group from one pasture to another just down the road.

It was actually a warm winter morning to move these cows.

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