Monday, February 11, 2013

Eat More Beef Reminder Ribbons

I have been reporting from the front lines of the oil and gas drilling in eastern Ohio.  This past weekend I noticed that suddenly there are blue and white ribbons tied to nearly every fence opening in the neighborhood.  Usually these reminder ribbons are put up when someone is missing, to bring awareness to an issue or maybe in celebration of something.  I believe these blue and white ribbons may have been put up by the oil and gas companies to remind their employees to EAT MORE BEEF!

Do not even think about raining on my parade, by saying that these ribbons are really marking all of the pasture entrances their truck drivers should not enter.  I just know that can't be true, because every steak house in town is full of gas and oil workers eating beef (ok and maybe a little chicken and pork), but they are only awareness ribbons.

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