Saturday, February 23, 2013

FFA - oh how things have changed

Back in the late 90's FFA seemed to be a little different as I browsed through some old pictures.  I guess that warrants Jacie's recent comment "like in 1999, back in the old days".  Nothing like your own children reminding you of your age.  In the fall of 1995 when we flew to Kansas City for National Convention there wasn't as much security and I am sure it was much easier on advisers to fly with their chapters. I am confident that Carmen bought that drink before we came through security, she didn't have to remove her jacket and the pins didn't set off an alarm.

 Cell phones were new, expensive and mostly kept in a bag for your car.  So, when we returned from convention sessions the hotel lobby was full of students calling parents collect.  I remember calling my parents in EST which was usually at midnight. Dad waited up for my call that was about 2 and half minutes to say I am great, conventions great, call you tomorrow.  Do kids even know how to call collect today?  FFA camp was the same way, only there was only one phone for 250 campers.  The boyfriend type relationships were difficult through the state officer year.  Who wants to wait in line for a phone every night.  I dumped my boyfriend night number two on the FFA Camp payphone.  Really I saw the calendar, waiting in line for a payphone didn't sound fun to me. Correct me if I am wrong team, but the only relationships that made it through the year, are now married.

I would also like to note that high waist jeans with no back pockets were cool too.

Pretending it was someone's birthday at expensive steak restaurants was also fun in the late 90's.  Doing it three times at one restaurant in one evening was not cool with Mr. Gratz.   I am not sure it would be much cooler today with some of the people who are now advisers that sat around that table.

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  1. Ohh this makes me giddy! I was of course a 2000's generation of FFA but still, I can remember that things were so different than they are now!