Monday, December 17, 2012

Moms - We must unite in the lies of Christmas!

This elf has taken the Christmas celebration to a new level.  The elf is taking over our lives.  I believe my girls are now going to school just to see what everyone's elf is doing.  I must say some of you parents have really out done yourselves.  Our elf is rather lazy and boring.  If he remembers to move we are excited.  The girls have come home with all sorts of stories.  Someone's elf wrote them a note.  So the girls got a piece of paper and a pen and put it by the elf.  They then told me once we were all off the gravel (road) he would write his name. They have a lot of questions.  Many of them I don't answer, because after all I am just a part of the magic too.  I always act surprised when they find him in the morning, and I ask the questions when he doesn't move.

My Type A personality needs the rules for this elf. Here are my questions . . .

- Does the elf have to move? What if he doesn't
- Does he move during the night?
- Can the elf go back to the same place twice?
- Can the elf write? Can he type?
- Is the elf like a Gremlin if he gets wet, will he multiply? Because I can't handle that.
- Does he fly? Because I herd a tragic story of a Lego plane going down last week with him in it?

Someone help me out and answer these lingering questions about this elf.

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