Sunday, December 16, 2012

Handmade Beef Producers Christmas

I made the girls a couple of shirts. I bought t-shirt paint (which is much improved, since my 4-H years) and made four shirts.  The front of the shirts say 4+ Feeders, the name of our feed yard, and the back of the shirts say EAT BEEF.

I made two extra ones for two special beef eaters and beef producers in Nebraska.  They are going in the mail tomorrow. The Martins, our partners at the feedyard have three adorable children.  Chase the oldest goes to school each morning.  

Regan is her mom's ranch hand, during the day as they check their herd of cows.  By 9AM eastern time I usually can call Gail and she is doing the morning check and breaking water with her two helpers.  I can count on a good story of Regan and some sort of shenanigans.  The story puts a smile on my face, however I am not sure her mother feels the same way.

Kaitlin is not quite a year old, and I couldn't get the stencils to fit on anything that small. Sorry, Kaitlin. Maybe there will be a summer version, that I can work something out on.

The girls got to wear their shirts on Friday to school for dress down day.

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