Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stephanie Harris

Stephanie is my key to the city, the city of St. Clairsville that is.  When we moved from Nebraska back to eastern Ohio we were moving into a house that was being renovated on the ranch.  That really left us homeless for the first few weeks of school starting.  That really was not ideal. 

However like most challenges in life, God sends great people to get you through. Stephanie is a mom of two, a husband to Steve and is a very organized planner.  She graciously opened her home to us minus Jake (because he was still in Nebraska).  It was a fun experience we baked a lot, donating much of it to the church.  We made supper together, she did most of the cooking of meals because she is a great cook. Because our kids attend St. Mary's school we were even able to car pool. She helped me clean up after the renovation and get moved in.

We briefly thought about hunting this week on the State Public Hunting Land until we decided we didn't want to practice hunting with everyone else that was practicing this week.  Thank you Stephanie for the Belmont County good times.   

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