Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kelly Zollinger-Bonham

I was sitting one evening in my favorite pizza restaurant ever - the Pizza Cottage at Buckeye Lake, when in walks Kelly. She asks "don't you live on the first floor of Scott House".  I said "yes".  We talked and eventually realized we grew up 20 minutes apart and now live two stair cases away from each other at The Ohio State University.  It is a small world.

A couple years pass and Kelly needs an apartment for her last year of college and my current roommates and I needed a new roommate to share the lease.  Because God loves me, she became my roommate.  That autumn quarter all of the girls except her and I were student teaching and not staying on campus.  I was on the judging team and not home much.  That fall as the judging team was in full swing, my dad was having surgery to remove a tumor from his leg.  I was on a judging trip and my mom doesn't like to drive in Columbus.  Kelly is a take charge kind of girl, so while I was on my trip, she took care of my mom.  She let my mom stay at the apartment and drove her to Riverside Hospital to see my Dad.

Kelly and I became really close that fall and I enjoyed every minute we had together.  I rarely get to see her and seldom even talk to her.  However because she is Kelly if I needed to I could call her and she would come help me.

Funny story: It is spring quarter and Kelly had talked me into taking a horseback riding class. Don't ask me why, but I said yes. It was terrible.  First of all, I am not much of a horse girl. Second of all, we paid OSU way too much money to go brush, ride and care for someone else's horse.  Finally our instructor who we obviously paid too much money, never taught us a thing and spent the entire class in the middle of the arena on a chair, chain smoking cigarettes and telling us to trot, walk and cantor.  The only good part was driving to the barn with Kelly.

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