Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Jake and I spent the afternoon looking for damages, cows that got out, and any other remnants of Sandy.  We have had about three and one half inches of rain. The ground is a little squishy, but very little run off is seen. Because of the drought this summer, I believe the soil enjoyed the rain.  Although, in the low lying areas there is a surplus of water.

This same scene can be seen here earlier this summer. Moment-of-Ahhhh-and-Un-Huh-Moment

From the outside perimeter we found the fences in good shape, the cows all seemed to be where they needed to be.  Compared to last weeks 70 degree weather, I think the cows feelings are similar to the majority of the people.  They are ready for Sandy to leave, they are hunkered down, trying to stay warm and eating more.

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