Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tips for a vacation to the Beach

We just got back from a wonderful time at the beach with two other families. Some of the reasons I really wanted to go to the beach are:
1. People need to see the ocean to understand it and I wanted the girls to see it.

2. We were invited to go with two other families and that is fun.
3. I love the fact that you can stand in the ocean with the waves crashing and hear absolutely nothing.
4. A beach house with a pool is awesome.
5. I love the feeling of the beach breeze coming off the ocean.
6. I wanted some good beach pictures.
7. I like to eat lunch on the beach - like a picnic.
8. I wanted to lay in the sun on the sand and get a tan.
9. To use beach toys that have no purpose in Ohio or Nebraska, just at the beach.
10. Outdoor showers - the little ones love them and dads apparently think it is ok to allow peeing in them.  In the words of the dads it washes off and we don't want to take them inside when they are all wet.

Things you must prepare yourself for when going to the beach with two other families including one baby, a toddler and a very pregnant lady.

1. SAND and the fact that babies don't have gizzards and they don't care how much sand they eat. The fact that it finds it's way to places you didn't even know you had.

2. Spending time with other people is great especially for entertaining the girls. Jacie and Jaelin took some risks and did some things because the others were.  Including actually getting off the steps and into the pool and "crashing" some waves.

3. Even if the beach house pool is small the kids don't care and it still serves the purposes of 1) cooling off 2) a hangout 3) rinses sand off - not sure you are allowed to

How many flotation devices do you need to feel safe?

4. I love a chair dug into the sand that fits your butt just perfect.

5. Beach pictures would be a lot easier to take without sand, the water and the beach breeze. :) 
Here are a few example of the perfect beach photos I was hoping for:
Weird faces and a little breeze . . .

Hair blowing and a father restraining a cute boy . . .

Too much wind, blowing hair and a small adorable Landon who looks to be escaping . . .

too much flash . . .

running out of light and patience.

6. If you are really pregnant, you will be miserable no matter where you are, you mys-well be at the beach. Cassie also served as a good lifeguard from her chair.

 7. Business still happens on the beach.  Corn had to be bought and cattle were still being shipped.

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